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Hypermarket with a huge range and round-the-clock operation. In Walmart you can buy all kinds of goods: household goods, goods for children, sports equipment, food, medicines, small electronics. When buying a product, you need to pay attention to the quality. A lot of Chinese-made goods, quite cheap and not particularly reliable. From food, mainly products with a long shelf life.


Prices at Target are higher than at Walmart, but the quality and choice of goods is much better. This is especially true for food. If there is an opportunity to buy for large amounts, it is better to do it in Target.


Entrance to the store is made by customer cards. Such a Costco customer card costs $55. Costco is ideal for wholesale purchases of products, as it sells a number of goods at promotional prices. Also, at Costco, there are usually additional cheap services such as washing and tire fitting.


The main type of goods is food and household goods. The store looks like a warehouse. Very large selection of food and household chemicals. Prices are lower than competitors.

Harris Teeter

A big supermarket chain in the United States. It has many shops with a large selection of fresh products-meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The store is convenient to buy perishable products. The prices of goods are average, no special savings or high costs you will not notice. There is a system of club cards and special promotions for their holders.