Bank locations in Virginia

There are currently 40 branches of 13 different banks in Chesapeake, VA.

Wells Fargo Bank has the most branches in Chesapeake. The top 5 banks in Chesapeake by branch count are; Wells Fargo Bank with 7 offices, Xenith Bank with 6 offices, BB&T Bank with 5 offices, Bank of America with 4 offices and SunTrust Bank with 3 offices.

Below, you can find the list of all Chesapeake branches. Click on the list or map below to view location hours, phone numbers, driving directions, customer reviews and available banking services.

Map of Bank Locations

At map you will find all branches of bank loacations in Virginia


Bank of America
National Bank
Bank of America Churchland
3112 Western Branch Boulevard, 23321
Bank of America Indian River
4301 East Indian River Road, 23325
Bank of America Great Bridge
313 South Battlefield Boulevard, 23322
Bank of America Greenbrier Parkway
1801 Greenbrier Parkway, 23320
BB&T Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
BB&T Bank Volvo Parkway
825 Volvo Parkway, 23320
BB&T Bank Greenbrier
1809 Greenbrier Parkway, 23320
BB&T Bank Great Bridge
238 Battlefield Boulevard South, 23322
BB&T Bank Deep Creek
111 Mill Creek Parkway Ste 100, 23323
BB&T Bank Churchland
3113 Western Branch Boulevard, 23321
Dollar Bank
Savings & Loan Association
Dollar Bank Greenbrier
1580 Crossways Blvd., 23320
Farmers Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
Farmers Bank Chesapeake
1403 Greenbrier Parkway Suite 110, 23320
Fulton Bank
National Bank
Fulton Bank Chesapeake
501 Independence Pkwy Suite 105, 23320
Fulton Bank Hanbury Village
217 Hanbury Road East, 23322
Old Point National Bank of Phoebus
National Bank
Old Point National Bank of Phoebus Cedar Road
1000 Cedar Rd, 23322
Old Point National Bank of Phoebus Greenbrier
740 Eden Way North, 23320
PNC Bank
National Bank
PNC Bank Greenbrier
1172 Greenbrier Parkway, 23320
Southern Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
Southern Bank Cedar Road
1217 Cedar Road, 23322
Southern Bank Western
3343 Western Branch Blvd, 23321
Southern Bank Greenbrier
1304 Greenbrier Pkwy, 23320
SunTrust Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
SunTrust Bank Great Bridge
320 Battlefield Blvd S, 23322
SunTrust Bank Chesapeake Square
4113 Portsmouth Boulevard, 23321
SunTrust Bank Volvo Parkway
100 Volvo Parkway, 23320
Towne Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
Towne Bank Greenbrier
1312 Greenbrier Parkway, 23320
Towne Bank Great Bridge
137 Mount Pleasant Road, 23322
Wells Fargo Bank
National Bank
Wells Fargo Bank Greenbrier - Market Center
1208 Greenbrier Parkway, 23320
Wells Fargo Bank Battlefield
821 North Battlefield Boulevard, 23320
Wells Fargo Bank Great Bridge
205 Battlefield Boulevard, South, 23322
Wells Fargo Bank Chesapeake Main
672 Battlefield Boulevard, North, 23320
Wells Fargo Bank Deep Creek
1064 George Washington Highway, 23323
Wells Fargo Bank Churchland - Western
3114 Western Branch Boulevard, 23321
Wells Fargo Bank Hodges Ferry
3936 Portsmouth Boulevard, 23321
Woodforest National Bank
National Bank
Woodforest National Bank Chesapeake Grass Field Walmart
632 Grass Field Parkway, 23322
Woodforest National Bank Chesapeake Square Walmart
2448 Chesapeake Square Ring Road, 23321
Woodforest National Bank Sam's Circle Walmart
1521 Sam's Circle, 23320
Xenith Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
Xenith Bank Great Bridge
239 Battlefield Boulevard South, 23322
Xenith Bank Volvo
201 Volvo Parkway, 23320
Xenith Bank Portsmouth Boulevard
4108 Portsmouth Boulevard, 23321
Xenith Bank South Norfolk
712 Liberty Street, 23324
Xenith Bank The Crossroads
1500 Mount Pleasant Road, 23322
Xenith Bank Deep Creek
852 North George Washington Highway, 23323

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