Bank locations in Virginia

There are currently 73 branches of 15 different banks in Alexandria, VA.

Wells Fargo Bank has the most branches in Alexandria. The top 5 banks in Alexandria by branch count are; Wells Fargo Bank with 13 offices, Burke & Herbert Bank with 11 offices, BB&T Bank with 10 offices, SunTrust Bank with 9 offices and PNC Bank with 8 offices.

Below, you can find the list of all Alexandria branches. Click on the list or map below to view location hours, phone numbers, driving directions, customer reviews and available banking services.

Map of Bank Locations

At map you will find all branches of bank loacations in Virginia


Atlantic Union Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
Atlantic Union Bank Alexandria
2050 Ballenger Avenue, 22314
Bank of America
National Bank
Bank of America Beacon Mall
6802 Richmond Highway, 22306
Bank of America Lake Barcroft
6478 Lincolnia Road, 22312
Bank of America Duke Street
2747 Duke Street, 22314
Bank of America Alexandria
600 North Washington Street, 22314
BB&T Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
BB&T Bank Hayfield
7915 Heneska Loop, 22315
BB&T Bank Engleside Plaza
8650 Richmond Highway, 22309
BB&T Bank Hollin Hall
7960 Fort Hunt Road, 22308
BB&T Bank Rose Hill
5203 Franconia Road, 22310
BB&T Bank Manchester Lakes
7025 A Manchester Blvd, 22310
BB&T Bank Beacon Hill
6618 Richmond Highway, 22306
BB&T Bank Alexandria Main
1717 King Street, 22314
BB&T Bank Southern Towers
4999 Seminary Road, 22311
BB&T Bank Duke and Washington
300 South Washington Street, 22314
BB&T Bank Van Dorn
233 South Van Dorn Street, 22304
Burke & Herbert Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
Burke & Herbert Bank Cooper Road
8736-8738 Cooper Road, 22309
Burke & Herbert Bank Franconia Road
5519 Franconia Road, 22310
Burke & Herbert Bank Sherwood Hall
2604 Sherwood Hall Lane, 22306
Burke & Herbert Bank Telegraph Road
5731 Telegraph Road, 22303
Burke & Herbert Bank Kingstowne
6210 Interparcel Road, 22315
Burke & Herbert Bank Head Office
100 South Fairfax Street, 22314
Burke & Herbert Bank Fairlington
1705 Fern Street, 22302
Burke & Herbert Bank Landmark
155 North Paxton Street, 22304
Burke & Herbert Bank Carlyle
1775 Jamieson Avenue, 22314
Burke & Herbert Bank Monroe Avenue
306 East Monroe Avenue, 22301
Burke & Herbert Bank King Street
621 King Street, 22314
Capital One
National Bank
Capital One Beacon Mall
6800 Richmond Highway, 22306
Capital One South Washington
500 South Washington Street, 22314
Federal Reserve Member Bank
EagleBank Old Town Alexandria
277 S. Washington Street, 22314
National Bank
HSBC Alexandria
1700 Diagonal Road, 22314
John Marshall Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
John Marshall Bank Alexandria
640 Franklin Street, 22314
M&T Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
M&T Bank Mount Vernon Square
7485 Richmond Highway, 22306
M&T Bank Old Towne
833 South Washington Street, 22314
PNC Bank
National Bank
PNC Bank Kingstowne @ Giant
5870 Kingstowne Boulevard, 22315
PNC Bank Beacon Mall
6800 Richmond Highway, 22306
PNC Bank Tavern Square
411 King Street, 22314
PNC Bank Alexandria @ Giant
3131 Duke Street, 22314
PNC Bank North Washington
825 North Washington Street, 22314
PNC Bank Duke and Quaker
3300 Duke Street, 22314
PNC Bank Potomac Yard At Giant
621 E Glebe Road, 22305
PNC Bank Hilltop Village Center
7880 Heneska Loop, 22315
Sandy Spring Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
Sandy Spring Bank Alexandria
115 North Washington Street, 22314
SunTrust Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
SunTrust Bank Rose Hill
6050 Rose Hill Drive, Suite 101, 22310
SunTrust Bank Bradlee
3610 King Street, 22302
SunTrust Bank Old Town
515 King Street, 22314
SunTrust Bank Landmark
5701-B Duke Street, 22304
SunTrust Bank Mount Vernon
2809 Mount Vernon Avenue, 22301
SunTrust Bank Seminary Plaza
4616 Kenmore Avenue, 22304
SunTrust Bank Riverside Park
5922 Richmond Highway, 22303
SunTrust Bank Kingstowne
5820 Kingstowne Center, 22315
SunTrust Bank Duke Street
3101 Duke Street, 22314
TD Bank
National Bank
TD Bank Alexandria South Washington
119 South Washington Street, 22314
TD Bank Beacon Hill
6615 Richmond Highway, 22306
TD Bank Alexandria Van Dorn
557 South Van Dorn Street, 22304
TD Bank Little River Turnpike
6566 Little River Turnpike, 22312
United Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
United Bank Del Ray
2401 Mt. Vernon Ave., 22301
United Bank Mt Vernon
7901 Richmond Highway, 22306
United Bank Duke Street
5140 Duke Street, 22304
United Bank King Street
506 King Street, 22314
United Bank Alexandria
1737 King Street, 22314
Wells Fargo Bank
National Bank
Wells Fargo Bank Franconia
6110 Franconia Road, 22310
Wells Fargo Bank Belle View
1805 Belle View Boulevard, 22307
Wells Fargo Bank Hollin Hall
7928 Fort Hunt Road, 22308
Wells Fargo Bank Woodlawn
8770 Richmond Highway Rt 1, 22309
Wells Fargo Bank Mount Vernon
7706 Richmond Hwy, 22306
Wells Fargo Bank Pinecrest
6565 Little River Turnpike, 22312
Wells Fargo Bank Penn Daw
6300 Richmond Highway, 22306
Wells Fargo Bank Bradlee
3690 King Street Ste C, 22302
Wells Fargo Bank Del Ray
3506 Mt. Vernon Avenue, 22305
Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
1711 Fern Street, 22302
Wells Fargo Bank Claremont
4651 King Street, 22302
Wells Fargo Bank West End
4601 Duke Street, 22304
Wells Fargo Bank North Washington Street
330 North Washington Street, 22314

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